Pull-Up Progressions: Ring Row

Jan 6, 2021

 by Karina Wait

2021. A new year means new goals; at your job, in your personal life, at the gym. Some of you may have a goal to get better at push-ups, to improve your diet, be more present with family, or get a pull-up. A pull-up is a movement that many people desire to achieve. It's an intimidating movement and for some, seems impossible to reach. However, do not be discouraged because you can get your first pull-up. We do a lot of pulling in our classes so, you do have many opportunities to work on your pulling strength but, what option should you choose? In this first blog on pull-up progressions, I break down the ring row. A ring row is a horizontal pull and can be progressed or regressed based on your ability and the workout. In the following video, I explain how to do the ring row and how you can modify. To progress the ring row even further, you can elevate your feet on a bench or box.